Losses and Gaines

Here’s a secret:

Nobody has a perfect life.

What? GASP. You don’t say!

I’m not even kidding. It’s true. Nobody has a perfect life.

You can pick your jaw up from off the floor now.

I’m going to shock you again: Joanna and Chip Gaines are not perfect.

Stop it right now, Anna. You are killing me with this information.


 Nathan Congleton / NBC

Nathan Congleton / NBC

I don’t know the Gaines, and I am sure they are as lovely in real life as they seem. I’m not worried about it, though. Because what I get from them is inspiration for my home, for my business, and for my family.

BUT… I know that they aren’t perfect. And they don’t have to be. It doesn’t change the fact that they are inspiring and seemingly lovely.

There was a recent “article” by a man who accused the Gaines couple of lying at their claim that they put family first.

All I can say to that is, “Bro! Seriously?”

First, I want to tell these men who think it is up to them to teach women what they should or shouldn’t believe and follow online to take a seat. Thanks for telling us what you think we should think, but also no thanks. If it helps your wife and sisters, cool. Go tell them. But then hopefully you will listen as they tell YOU what YOU should think about the things you deal with online, at work, in your free time.

This guy writes, “Unchecked ambition for any of us is a bottomless pit. We live in a world where every social media user compares his worst to everyone else’s best, and mommy bloggers work tirelessly to portray unattainable perfect homes and families.”

Which is to say, “Come on Chip and Joanna, stop making my wife [and me] uncomfortable. It’s your fault.”

Second, let me fill you in on yet ANOTHER secret. The most successful people don’t do everything. What they do really well is…


I’ve seen first-hand many people try to do everything to make sure it is perfect in their business and they wonder why they aren’t as successful as everyone they see doing everything perfect.

Because successful people delegate. They find amazing teams, share their visions and goals, and then let the teams do the work. Everything gets approved and checked before going out to the public, but I would bet 100,000 Waco, Texas dollars that Chip and Joanna have amazing teams who understand their vision and then execute.

I’ve seen it time and time again.

Successful people delegate. For real, you think Ellen Degeneres is writing all of her jokes, calling all of her friends to come on her show, concepting all of her games AND creating the programming, drawing the plans for her clothing, furniture, animal clothes, making all of her social media posts, managing her version of YouTube, hosting her shows, making her meals, and on and on?

Yeah no.

Why would you suggest the Gaines do all of their things, too? They have teams. Teams with teams. So they can live this American Dream and raise their family. And if they say that Family is First for them, who are we to say, “Nah. They are liars”?

Take what you want from celebrities, influencers, brands, and friends. Figure out what is important to YOU and YOUR FAMILY and work on that. If you find yourself comparing too much, unfollow, take a break, go dance in the kitchen for 15 minutes. Don’t sweat it too much.

Nobody is perfect. Nobody does everything alone. Successful people delegate. Let go of comparing yourself if you are feeling bad. Go for a walk or dance. Figure YOU out and get confident in your choices.

And give everyone the benefit of the doubt...

Even men who mansplain how women should interpret other people’s family values.