Do i like oils?

Trust me. I was the biggest cynic when it came to essential oils. You wouldn't see someone roll their eyes faster than I did. So not into it.

Want to hear my Story? Find it at the bottom of this page.
Otherwise, check out the links below to experiment and try things out for yourself. If you need permission to try, I'm giving it to you.



Essential oils are "aromatic compounds"—meaning they smell really great—but even more importantly, they are powerfully therapeutic and healing. I didn't believe it for YEARS; I pushed against essential oils and all those who professed their benefits. Until they helped me... with zero side effects. What the what? As soon as I opened to oils, I kept finding success.



doTERRA not only offers the purest and highest quality essential oils, they also work hard to support family farmers, women all over the world, keep a light footprint on the earth, and countless charities. It's not just about the oils (which I have come to love and appreciate). It's about the social and environmental impact and health of the world and the humans.



I've been searching for the best diffusers that were good quality and good price. Those from Stadler Form are by far the best. Use the code WORST at checkout for 25% off! Woot woot!

Need more information about what to put in diffusers? Check back soon for our favorites.

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My Story...

JPEG image-44B9A8DE6DBC-1.jpeg

I tried to stay away. I am a cynic at heart and had a few negative altercations with "oil people" that I kept pushing any and all oils away. doTERRA oils kept coming for me. 

Eight years ago, I discovered that I have an auto-immune disease. The road to discovery and improving my health has been bumpy and tricky. I have worked with many amazing doctors over the years and appreciate their learning and experience. One thing we found out is that my disease makes it so that my body reacts with many negative side effects from drugs. There are some that help me, but I have to balance if the side effects are worth the benefit.

It wasn't until two years ago when I had the worst migraine of my life that I finally was so desperate to try the peppermint oil someone had given me. I had taken different medications and tried to stay in a dark room for days, but it was not lessening. Needless to say, the peppermint oil helped. 

I was ticked.


I didn't want it to be "that easy." But I opened my cynical heart and mind up to the possibilities that essential oils from plants God has had on the earth for millennium, may help me and my family.

With the help of my friend (and a RN) Sarah, I started trying other oils. Lemon and honey for my kids' sore throats. Lavender for bug bites. Massaging oils into my children's feet at night. Using a diffuser. Frankincense and lavender on a sunburn.

It kept working. I continued to shake my head in disbelief.


Finally, I had an "OK, Anna, open your eyes" moment. My body got an infection—as it tends to do with an auto-immune disease—and even though I had the medication in my cupboard to treat it (which takes 3 days), I tried some oils and coconut oil. My infection cleared up in less than 24 hours. I only say 24 hours, because I don't want to be dramatic. But it was SO FAST. And without side effect.

Ahem, that part is big for me.


I finally called Sarah and said, "Fine. I'm committing to this."

I understand the cynic. Because I am one.

I understand the person who trusts medicine, too. Because I am one.

I understand the casual oil user. Because I am one.

I understand the mother who wants to help their child without pumping them full of medicine. Because I am one.

I understand the realist who wants to be healthy, but also doesn't want to feel guilty. Because, HEY THAT'S ME, TOO!

I understand you, wherever you are. I kinda feel like we can all experience this journey together. I may be able to teach you and you will probably teach me. 

Regardless, I can't keep my discovery and success to myself any longer. It's time to share.

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