Cardi Me

Is it already that time of year? To send your holiday cards to family, friends, and some lady from Instagram and the Internet?


I asked my kids and husband this week if they wanted to do the holiday card wall and giveaway this season like we have done the last couple years. They were EMPHATIC with their YES! Everyone in our home—and so many that visit—LOVES seeing all of your faces and fun.

Bonus is, I still haven’t patched the wall from last year and a tape accident, so MIGHT AS WELL do it again?


For reference, this is what our walls looked like last year:


What’s in it for you?

Other than HOLIDAY CHEER? Sheesh!

JK. For one, it’s fun. Two, you could be on our Stories on @kidsaretheworst and @annaistheworst and honestly, probably @thingsaretheworst, too.

Third, I have a few companies who have expressed interest in sharing products with some of the cards sent. We will randomly select a few throughout the season and then you’ll get a message and a surprise in the mail. So, THAT’s cool. But not guaranteed.

You in?

Send your cards to:

Anna Macfarlane
1338 South Foothill Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Not our home address, never you fear. And if you want to send gifts to this address, nobody is stopping you, but also I would NEVER ask for them. Ever. Probably. Mostly.

Let’s card it up!