12 Fun and Easy Cabin Fever Fixes

By Chelsea Owens, Guest Writer

Whenever my kids are home for spring break, summer vacation, or winter break; I have a ton of ideas for quick, fun activities for kids to do at home. The problem is that I run through every one of them within an hour. By the first day, we all have cabin fever. “I’m bored,” each of them whines, as if the parent passed out on the couch has good ideas.

What’s a mom or dad to do when we need indoor play ideas; when all the kids are bored and scrabbling up the walls instead of turning to crafts, games, and educational activities?

Why, turn to Instagram, of course.

Unless you’re home for a snow day, you can always kick the kids outside. They’re sure to find something productive to do that won’t hamper your ability to see or anything.

Or… one of my fall-backs is a trip to the store. It’s like an indoor sports facility, but free. The kids can even practice human curling:

Then again, it might be time for a family vacation. Kids love that kind of thing.

If that won’t work because of money or money, staycations are popular. Make your home like the tiny airplane or hotel room you’d stay in, and the kids will love it.

All right, all right. We’ll do some crafts. Kids love crafts, like painting.

And markers.

And some of those fun activities you can do with food.

Maybe it’s time for a few games.

Something fun for everyone that doesn’t involve a lot of supplies.

It might be time for games that involve exercise.

For the kids.

That’s it. It’s time for the electronic babysitter to take over. But don’t worry; even movies can be educational.

Whether you choose a family staycation, easy craft, or cheap activity for kids; boredom doesn’t need to be the only option when cabin fever strikes. Keep things entertaining and fun for everyone this break, and you just might all survive and be happy.

Chelsea Owens enjoys writing, reading, eating, sleeping, and living vicariously through others' stories. Since she is a mother full time, sometimes she gets to do those things.