Quick and Easy Easter Centerpieces

By Chelsea Owens, Guest Writer

Yesterday as I picked up some (more) Easter candy and Easter egg fillers, I realized I didn’t have an Easter centerpiece. Oh, I have plenty of speckled eggs and Easter grass lying around the house as Easter decorations. They even look somewhat decorative.

Thanks to having kids and those kids having Spring Break, however, I’m short a centerpiece. I always have the kids, so I didn’t go looking for any old thing to slap in the middle of my table. I went looking for easy Easter centerpieces.

When there are dishes to wash, laundry to fold, -nevermind; that list could go on forever. Point is, Peter Cottontail’s coming down the bunny trail faster than I can eat a whole bag of Cadbury eggs. (And I can eat chocolate eggs faster than I want to fold socks.) When I want to make Easter crafts, it’s going to be easy or it’s not happening.

The first idea I came across is adorable AND easy. Did I mention I love easy? You may think you’re putting all your eggs in one basket with this idea, because you are. All you’re doing is finding a cute metal basket and filling it with Easter grass and Easter eggs. Choose whatever shade of grass and eggs fit your mood, budget, or decor.

I may spend most of my days in The Neverending Story of housework, but even I’ve noticed that cactuses and cacti are a hot decorating item right now. So, why not have an Easter cactus decoration? I’m totally for real, and I think this can be pulled off with a quick paint job. Either that, or you can buy some premade cactus’s and sprinkle them into Easter grass.

The next ideas I found center around a glass vase. I find glass vases and hurricane jars all over secondhand shops and Goodwill and they are an obviously quick and easy Easter decorations idea. Just look at these: they all involve dumping Easter stuff into a vase.

Did I mention apothecary jars? You bet I did! Those and glass goblets are even better than a vase if you want your home decorations to look fancier than they really are. They’re the best decorating secret I know besides buying crafts pre-made.

Second only to my jars and vases are cake plates and cake platters. Armed with Easter eggs, grass, an Easter Bunny, or maybe a nest; any crafter can make a centerpiece that looks like Joanna Gaines made it. All you need are materials and a glue gun.

Hopefully, there isn’t a best-dressed Easter centerpiece contest in my neighborhood. If there is, at least I’m sure to win a prize for most hot glue used. Now, on to that laundry and Easter candy…

Chelsea enjoys writing, reading, eating, sleeping, and living vicariously through others' stories. Since she is a mother full time, sometimes she gets to do those things.

10 Actually Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

By Chelsea Owens, Guest Writer

Easter craft ideas often raise stress-levels. I’m all for Easter decorations and Easter crafts for kids, but not when I have an Easter bunny-sized mess to clean up afterwards. Have any of those mommy bloggers actually put glitter all over an egg? It’s not as pretty as it looks in the end.

That’s why I skipped right over “Glitter Eggs in Minutes” and even “Bunny Ear Headbands.” Too. much. Work. Instead, I found ten ideas I guarantee to be quick, easy, and still adorable.

First are these bunny bum planters. They look fancy, but are the short work of a few pom-poms and a glue gun. You can finish up the feet with a fabric marker. The messiest part will be dirt and flowers; the best part will be the, “Oooh” and “Aaah,” and “Oh! How cute!” of all your friends.

Grab a stamp pad and a few fingers for this next one. It’s a fingerprint Easter bunny and spring chicks! Just add legs, whiskers, and facial features with a permanent marker and you’re done! These cute little critters would be perfect for a teacher present, birthday party invitation, or card for grandma.

Easter bunnies mean carrots, right? But who wants real carrots? This paper cone carrot craft produces cute candy containers.

Do you need an Easter garland to complete your Easter decorations? This easy craft idea hopped out to me for two reasons:
1. I can’t cut a circle with scissors, but I can do an egg.
2. My kids steal hundreds of these paint sample swatches from the hardware store.

Another Easter decoration idea is candy jars. Frankly, stencilling bunny outlines looked like too much work, so I went for a glue gun approach. If you want to make some, pop over to a cheap store and buy some tiny plastic or ceramic bunnies. After paint and glue, no one will know which fancy store you got them from.

Easter always means Easter eggs, but that doesn’t need to be plastic or hard-boiled. Straws can work, too; especially when they’re the cute patterned ones. Who doesn’t want a paper straw Easter egg?

Another thing we have a lot of is baking cups. If you make these muffin wrapper flowers with your kids, you can use them up without making messy cupcakes instead.

Are you looking for more Easter chick craft ideas? I like these finger puppets. They’ll need googly eyes, paper, feathers, holes, and fingers. They also work really well as an Easter craft for preschoolers.

I was all over this idea once I saw that it was a messless way to paint. Your kids can decorate their egg or other Easter cutout and you won’t find paint exactly where you don’t want to.

My last idea is another candy jar craft idea. The faces can come from stickers, glued pom-poms, or paint. What makes it work is which candy you choose for fill.

Easter decorating and Easter craft ideas can be pain-free. I promise. And, they can still be cute enough that no one will suspect how much hot glue you actually used.

Chelsea enjoys writing, reading, eating, sleeping, and living vicariously through others' stories. Since she is a mother full time, sometimes she gets to do those things.