17 Accurate expressions of how summer is going so far

We are in full swing of our Summer Vacation! Kids are getting getting creative and busy with all the things I wish they never discovered, mud, makeup, markers, and baby shark. On top of just being there at every turn or bathroom break. As I was scrolling and saw every photo of these parents I thought #same. We will make it out alive, we will.

My Lying Liar Child

We could make these memes all day! Kids come up with the most obvious lies they can come up with it feels like sometimes. Here are a few lies the kids have said!

When getting kids to do chores is the worst

Kids have been trying to get out of doing chores for almost as long as parents have. If you are a parent; you’ve probably tried job charts, incentives, allowance, computer time, threats, and ...consequences.

No matter what we parents try, our kids will always give us a surprised look. They will always try to get out of doing chores. They will always need a few reminders to get back on task. And, we will always find commiserating parents who post exactly what we feel:


We may not get the kids to do their chores, finish their homework, or earn that allowance; but we’ll keep trying. Teaching kids responsibility with chores is important for their future. If all else fails, at least we can try that Dobby sock trick and get some quality alone time.

All the reasons to love Easter

Winter is finally melting away into spring, and that means Easter! Not only will there be Easter egg hunts and Easter Bunny photo ops, but there is sure to be plenty of Easter candy everywhere. Go dig out your baskets, bonnets, spring dresses, and plastic grass; we’re ready to hop into the Easter season!

I mean, just look at this festive sale:

Speaking of eggs, aren’t your kids anxious to get cracking?

They look eggcited to me…

Like I said, though, the best things at Easter come in wrapped packages. Am I right?

Honestly, I’m not picky.

I keep to a strict diet.

For the kids.

No, I don’t have a problem.

I have a peanut butter friend.

Until, that is, we finally say, “Goodbye.”

Don’t worry; the only thing better than Easter egg hunts and Cadbury eggs on Easter is after holiday sales. Pick up a few egg-decorating kits and plush bunnies for the kiddos, plus a few cases of chocolate eggs for yourself. It’s worth the egg-stra effort.