Holiday Lip Sync Battle? YES PLEASE!

When I was eight years old, I would sit in the back of my Mom’s Suburban with a ballpoint pen in hand (my microphone, obviously) and lip sync to whatever was playing on the radio. I was CONVINCED that those in the cars next to us must have thought that I was RECORDING the music right then and there. They must have been so impressed.

Thanks to Jimmy Fallon bringing lip syncing back (yup!), millions of us can once again wield our “microphones” and lip sync without fear of embarrassment. 

Since I love holiday music and lip syncing and YOU love holiday music and lip syncing, I think it only makes sense to have a Holiday Lip Sync Battle. Yes? Yes!

Check out those battling HERE!

Here is how to enter:
1. Record a holiday lip sync—use any format, any amount of people, and however you want. I chose to use, but you can record your lip sync however you like. Song must be HOLIDAY, so think Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, SNOW, even.

2. Post a NEW video to Instagram—It must be posted from today (December 11) to the last day of battle (December 18). Your account must be set to public. I understand the need for private accounts, but for this battle, it is only fair to have all accounts be public. You can post more than once. 

3. Use the hashtag #TheWorstHolidayLipSyncBattle and tag both @kidsaretheworst and @thingsaretheworst in the CAPTION of your video. Not the comments, not a DM, but in the caption. 

4. Check out the hashtag and cheer on your fellow lip sync battlers with positive comments and likes. Spread the lip sync love!

But, Anna, what do I win?

Oh, dear friends, it wouldn’t be the holidays without a gift or two. And I am offering TEN winners a gift… or two. Shazam!

The first gift is what all holidays are chock-full of and that is THE REGIFT. Straight from my home to you, I will mail you a gift currently in my home. Who needs an ugly Christmas sweater when you can have an all-year ugly sweater that I have worn two times and decided it isn’t my color? Boom! Or how about that water belt I got when I was training for a marathon and then decided I didn’t want to run anymore so I never used it? Bam! Maybe you will win the box of popsicle molds that I meant to give my sister and forgot. Blammo! 

Who knows what you’ll win? Isn’t that so exciting? Isn’t that what the holidays are really about? I am excited to match my regifts to your videos.

And the second gift is legitimately cool: @babylitbooks is generously sending all ten winners a specially-made gift box with a tote, book, puzzle and ABC stroller cards. The BabyLit books have been a New York Times bestseller and are wildly popular.

Give it to your child, bring it as the best gift at the next baby shower, or if you are like me KEEP THEM for yourself because they are so adorable.

Winners will be announced December 21. Get lip syncing!