Sexy Sax Man

My neighbor is a millennial.

The best kind of millennial, I should say. He is super smart, builds additions on his own home, moves his work schedule around so he can be home with his boys part of the day while his wife works and he can spend more time with them, makes great banana bread, shows my kids all the cool tricks on our trampoline, knows all the cool indie bands. In short, he's like, really rad. Their whole family is. Which is why when they asked if we could put a gate between our homes so we can take shortcuts and the kids can babysit and play more easily, we didn't think twice about saying yes.

Neighbor gate for the win.


(You knew there would be a "but," didn't you?)

Our coolest neighbor had no idea what we were talking about the other day when we brought up the sexy sax man and the viral video of six years ago. Never heard of it.

Say what?

Whatchoo talkin' about, Willis?

(Yeah, he probably wouldn't get that reference either. But would laugh politely because he's nice, to boot.)

Of course we have been listening to a lot of George Michael lately. And Billy Joel, for some reason, but I digress. My husband and I both thought the lyrics on Careless Whisper were "guilty feeling, got no rhythm" but on my 100th listen in a week, I heard George sing "feet have" not "feeling!" Guilty feet have got no rhythm! Which started a search and discussion and just your average good time in our house.

We were talking about this with our millennial neighbor, which lead to the hilarious use of the saxophone in the 80s, which of course made my husband laugh as he recalled the Sexy Sax Man.

And that's where we lost him. So, I promised I'd send him the link, but then I wondered how many people have not had the privilege of listening and watching this "old" viral video. So, I share. Because that's what I do. I am the old, crazy neighbor with four nutty kids and a cute dog who runs away too much.


Is it still funny? Have our tastes for viral hilarity changed?