Calling for Tweets and Videos

I'd love to post some funny parenting tweets. If you know someone whose tweets I need to follow, put their twitter handle in the comments or tweet me at @kidsareworst (no "THE").

If you need a light laugh today, here are some videos we found awfully amusing. Got any we need to see? Let us know!

Not one for excuses, BUT... my dog threw up all over the carpet (WHY oh why doesn't he barf on tile or wood?!?), I have deadlines quickly approaching and my oldest son has to be all high-achiever and I have to take him to the State Science Fair competition in thirty minutes. (He did not get that from me, let's be super clear.) This day is running away from me like so many seem to. I want to provide great content here, but this is why I need a little help from you: Send me along any fun stories or funny videos that you would like featured on kidsaretheworst. Here's what I will do for you: give you credit and a giant hug if/when we meet. Deal?

Thanks! On to better and brighter manana!