KATW "Behind the Photo" Sunny D and Bird

There are some photos that make everyone smile and laugh. Alisha Greyson's daughter gave us two such photos. Luckily, Alisha is a photographer and ready to take those pictures of her daughter's craziest moments. I loved hearing her responses to these basic pictures, and I hope you do, too.

What happened to your daughter’s finger in this popular shot flipping the bird?

First of all, Savannah was in a swimsuit and it was poring rain outside. I told her multiple times that we could not go swimming, but she figured that if she kept her swimsuit on long enough she would win. It was already a "fun" morning. Then Savannah asked me for a band aid, because she wanted one. I had recently bought "Despicable Me" bandages but she really thought of them as stickers. I told her that band aids were only for ouchies but she insisted and then showed me her fake ouchie... on her middle finger. She actually kept switching between her middle fingers on both hands; she's not the best liar! The attitude in the picture came from being annoyed that I wasn't giving her a bandage right away and because I pulled out the phone to take a picture again. I'm afraid I may see that same look multiple times in her teenage years.

Tell us about the SunnyD picture.

I did not buy her Sunny D. Yhat was all her dad, so for Savvy that was a treat. Also, she is a very independent girl and feels proud when she is able to do something on her own. I was in the other room changing her baby brother's diaper. I could hear her doing something and pushing a stool around in the kitchen. A minute later when I went back into the kitchen, I found that beautiful bright mess and she just looked up at me and smiled. She said, "I spilled a little mom. But don't worry, I'm cleaning it up!" and she went back to licking it up off the counter. I was literally speechless. My counters were orange for 3 days! 

Tell us a little about your family.

I love my little family! I moved to Utah 7 years ago and I met my husband, Mike, the second day that I lived here. We dated for 2 years and were married in 2010. We had our first child, our daughter Savannah, a year later and she is now 3. When she was just a newborn I worried that the nickname "Savvy" wouldn't fit her, but it couldn't be more fitting. She likes to go by "Savvy G" but some of my family members like to just call her "Savage." They say she gets dirtier quicker than any other kid. She is the most animated and dramatic little girl you will ever meet! Then we had our son Preston who is now 18 months. He is a sweetheart who never stops eating. He is a big flirt and will call anyone mommy if it will help him get what he wants. He is now Savvy's best little buddy and follows her around everywhere and into all kinds of messes. He spends most of his time trying to play basketball like his daddy! My husband Mike works for Marriott and someday we will take advantage of his perks and we can actually travel! I am a wedding, lifestyle and family photographer and I like to sew in the very little free time we have.

What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?

I love to take my kids hiking and exploring! We try to go up into the mountains as much as possible and have picnics and pick wildflowers. We also like to binge watch Netflix together while staying in our pajamas all day long! 

What is one thing you wish you would have known before becoming a parent?

I wish I would have known how messy kids really are; not so I could have prepared, because there really is no way to prepare. I just wish I would have known so I would never have thought things like, "When I have kids they will never have a messy face!" "They will never wear their pajamas to the grocery store" "I would never let them eat something that fell on the floor!" 

What is one thing you would like all new parents to know?

Somebody once told me that whenever my kids make a crazy mess or do something they should not do, instead of getting upset right away I should take a picture instead. They said this will help me to keep calm and not be so upset, and will also allow me to laugh about some of the things they do. Kids are going to make messes and do crazy things they shouldn't. That's inevitable. We might as well laugh and enjoy it, that's one of the reasons I love KidsAreTheWorst so much!!

Thanks so much, Alisha. We all think that we won't let our kids play with our cellphones or have messy faces... until we have them and throw all of our pre-child ideas out the window.

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