April Fools Fails

April Fools' Day is almost as wonderful to me as Christmas or my birthday. And, I LOVE my birthday. So when people ask me to schedule an appointment or make plans for April 1st, I can't commit. Partly because I am skeptical and untrusting ("Will you really be there?") and also because I don't want to miss out on any potential fun to be played.

The last few years, though, have seen more April Fools Fails than I care to admit. The saran wrap on the kids' bedroom door openings for when they woke up in the morning was a BIG FAIL last year. They all saw right through it (bahdum CHHH), except that the problem was the opposite: they saw the saran wrap as soon as they opened their doors. I put a sticker of a rival university on my husband's car and laughed all day thinking of it proudly displayed on his bumper. He didn't even laugh or feel an ounce of embarrassment. (WOMP WOMP)

I've done the Brown-E treats, the oreos with toothpaste, the switching kids in their beds, the wigs at school when picking them up. My kids are unfazed by my April 1st antics. The best one I ever did was the meatloaf and mashed potatoes disguised as cupcakes eight years ago. My kids were so upset and my Grandpa ate them without batting an eye. After he finished the cold meatloaf confection, I said, "Grandpa, it was a joke. It was meatloaf and mashed potatoes." To which he answered, "Yeah, I thought it tasted funny." That made me laugh for days.

This year, I have no good plans. I have learned through some BAD prank mistakes that they cannot be mean jokes. What you think is funny (like saying you're pregnant) is actually pretty mean to your husband and others around you who are being supportive and loving. Then you yell, "April Fools!" and they feel like you played with their emotions too far. Yeah, I admit I learned that one the hard way. So learn from me and don't do it!

What would I want my kids to do to me that would be funny and not mean? That is the question I keep asking myself and I keep coming up with, "Eh, not a whole lot." Maybe I could put tinfoil all over their scooters and bikes, so when they go to ride them it will be a shock. But I don't want to clean that up. What if I told them we were going to clean the house all day long and then surprised them with shakes instead? Man, I'm getting soft.

Years ago I printed off this picture and put it inside the toilet seat, between the bowl and the seat, under the lid.

It scared all of my kids and husband, but also caused an accident that I had to clean up. I laughed while cleaning it, though, so there's that consolation. But still, the joke was on me. Nobody else was scrubbing urine out of grout and off the wall that day. Just me.

So, I'm out of ideas. Help a mother prankster out. What are your plans for April Fools' Day?