Maturing Moles

My 11yo son went to Maturation at school a month ago, so he's pretty fluent in all things mature and maturing and stuff. He is pretty confident that he knows all about preventing smelly armpits, what will happen as he grows, and even how babies are made. He's got it down. (please note the paragraph is dripping with sarcasm, ok? ok.)

So, imagine my surprise when yesterday while we were driving in the car, he asked what was up with the new mole on my face.

"Mom, when did you get that big mole? What is happening to it."

I was fairly confident that there was no new mole on my face. "What mole?"

He points to my chin, where a rather large pimple had been recently overly-expressed by Yours Truly. It was one of those pimples that really hurts to pop, and yet you keep going after it because it is so big and obnoxious.

So I had to explain that it was not a mole, but a pimple that I should have left alone (like he learned to do in Maturation) but did not.

His jaw dropped. "You can get pimples when you're an adult?" He was shocked. And obviously his Maturation world had been shaken for the first time.

"Yes, all the time. Especially when the seasons change or I change face cleansers or when my workouts change...."

"I'm sorry, but that is confusing. Adults can get pimples?"

Oh buddy. Yes. All over.

I can't wait until my maturation is over.