Do you DubSmash? It is so annoying and so awesome and so dumb and so fun. I know it is one of those apps that is going to get boring and exhausting all too soon, but for now, we are having so much fun with DubSmash.

Like this one I did with my son:

Oh and then introducing my kids to Friends is great when you have DubSmash, like this one:


Currently my kids' favorite movie is School of Rock, so it was only fitting that my daughter and I did this DubSmash:


Adventure Time? We do. This one makes me laugh a lot, because my son's face gets SO red by the end. Just like LemonGrab:


Even the kids who aren't very good at memorizing little snippets and hamming it up for the phone camera love to see themselves lip syncing:


Hours and hours of fun with DubSmash. But a little word of caution for parents: There are a lot of inappropriate sounds and recordings with profanities. In each and every category and every search I have made, I have heard some profane recordings. I tried to make it a bit safer and cleaner for my kids by creating a folder in the tab on the top of the DubSmash homepage titled "My Sounds" which I named "good clean dubfun"! I search for the recordings and when I find one I think my kids will like, I push on the circle next to the star (see photo below) and a pop-up Action asks if I want to "Add to Soundboard" (yes) and then select the folder created. This way the kids don't go searching through the garbage and accidentally hear things that I prefer they don't.


Get it? Yeah, you do. Hashtag #KATWDubSmash so we can all share our DubSmash videos on Instagram. Have a dub weekend!



**I was not compensated in any way to write this review. We just enjoy this app and hope you do, too.**