For those terrible and terrific teens

I don’t know why people think teenagers are hard to shop for. Yes, they want more expensive things than their younger counterparts. But they are also happy with one or two things, and the little kids want LOTS of things. So it’s kinda easy to shop for teens. Just get them something that makes them cozy and something that makes them feel cool. Done.

My teens wanted to help make this list, so I had them create a list. They were all too eager to do it. Win/win for them. Maybe it could help you with your teens.

Here are some things my teenagers chose…

Holiday Gift List 2016, Teenager and College Kids

Teenagers have much more discerning taste than the little kids who are stoked to see balloons around the tree Christmas morning. My teenage kids wish lists include electronics and socks. I'm not kidding: SOCKS!

So I have to get creative and crafty to find gifts I know my kids will love that they don't realize they will love. I think I've found some winners!

Once again, the Hover King! I am not kidding when I say that this is the toy of the year. I am so excited for my kids to have a hover board they can sit on and race... with me. Hover board PLUS conversion kit makes for the coolest and smallest go kart on the market. We live in the city, so there isn't a ton of room for big go karts in our garage, so this is a triple win for us. Go check out hoverlikeaking now before their prices go up or they are sold out. Right now the entire package is a STEAL!

The LetterFolk message boards are adorable, but what surprised me most is how much my kids like making messages on these boards. My teenager likes to write celebratory messages and funny puns. My son likes to write the menu for dinner. I like it for reminders. The whole family loves to write messages on the LetterFolk boards, which wins over electronics every day!

If you have a teenage daughter or know of a teen or college-aged girl, you know about bath bombs! They are the bomb! (Oy, I just showed my age.) Shine Happy Life has bubble bars, bath bombs, body butters, and they all smell great and look amazing. I love how many look like desserts, because great baths are better than a dessert. (So I've heard!) Plus, just having Shine Happy products around will make your daughter's room smell better.

Speaking of happy girls and bedrooms, Aimee Ferre prints add the perfect touch of art and positive reminders of who they are. Aimee designs the most beautiful artwork that my daughter loves to have in her bedroom. If you think her work looks familiar, she also designed our best-selling shirts for Kids are The Worst! We love Aimee!

My son loves to cook and bake. He wakes up first every weekend and asks if he can make waffles or try a new cake recipe. Watch out, Jamie Oliver! When I saw Ashley's Fresh Fix new levoons and levups (measuring spoons and cups with an automatic level), I knew he would dig them. Perfect for the teenager who wants to cook and bake and even better for the college kid who needs to learn how to cook on their own.


I love having a little treat for my kids in their stockings. Sometimes you want something better than a candy cane. Sweet Tooth Fairy sells their cakebites to deliver nationwide. My daughter loves giving these little packages to her friends and music teachers for the holidays. It is a perfect gift for teens and for teens to give. From now until Monday, November 28, use the code KIDSARETHEWORST at to get 20% off your order! Huzzah!

It might seem to soon to think about swimsuits, but there is always winter vacations, hot tubs, and Spring Break just around the corner. Rad Swim has the cutest suits for teens (and women and girls) that my daughter loves. Mix and match or choose from some of RadSwim's adorable one-piece suits. Quality swimwear at a great price, so when your teen daughter is out playing, you aren't worried that it's going to fall apart and cause embarrassment.

Adult coloring books are awesome, but have you ever wanted to learn how to do hand lettering like a professional? I know I have. My kids love to try out new handwriting and letter designs, so they will love this new creative lettering book by HandLetteredDesign. They can learn to letter AND color and spend hours off their mobile devices. Grab a few markers and you've got a great gift for any teenager!

One thing all of my kids love (and my dog, sadly) is the lip balm from It's All Good. These giant chapsticks are so soft and last a long time... unless someone leaves them where my dog can get to it. The flavors are great, they help with our chapped lips in the dry winters, and they come from a rad small company. It's All Good, indeed!

I am sure I can find socks somewhere, too. But now my kids have other things that they never knew they always wanted. What are you getting for your teenage kids?



23 Signs Your Older Child Isn't QUITE Grown Up Yet

By Robyn Welling

From the time they're old enough to proudly call themselves a "big kid," children can't wait to be all grown up. That's why we play "store" and "house" and dress-up as young kids. It's why we claim we can't wait to move out and get a place of our own during our teen years. It's why we act like we know EVERYTHING, starting at about age 13 when we actually know nothing, until about age 28 — when we still don't know anything, but at least we realize what idiots we are.

If you have an older kid strutting around the house acting all like, You can't tell me what to do, I'm practically an ADULT! here are a few signs that, whether they feel like they're all grown up or not, they're so, so not all grown up.


  1. They rely on you to unclog the toilet.

  2. You still pay their cell phone bill.

  3. You have to remind them to change their underwear.

  4. Which you know they haven't been changing because you still do their laundry.

  5. They've never experienced the joy of comparing auto insurance quotes.

  6. They keep their money in a piggy bank.

  7. You schedule all their doctor appointments.

  8. They ask you to scratch their back at bedtime.

  9. Um, they have a bedtime.

  10. You're their alarm clock.

  11. They brush their teeth daily, but only because you tell them to.

  12. There's never anything practical on their Christmas list.

  13. They assume "401k" is the name of some boy band.

  14. Their description of adulthood often involves ordering pizza as often as they want.

  15. They need a ride to the mall.

  16. Or they drove themselves to the mall... in the car they borrowed from you.

  17. And they still actually enjoy driving, because the fun hasn't been sucked out of it yet by being everyone's on-call chauffeur for 20+ years NOT THAT WE'RE SICK OF IT OR ANYTHING.

  18. You can still fit the right number of candles on their birthday cake.

  19. They've never voluntarily eaten a cereal with the word "bran" in the name.

  20. They'll sit there and sniffle until you tell them to go blow their nose, like Kleenex is a new invention they keep forgetting about.

  21. You can remember the last time you blew on their food to cool it off.

  22. They mow the grass for money — unlike adults who do it, you know, because the grass is long.

  23. They still want to be an adult. Actual adults already know it's way overrated.


Robyn Welling is a freelance writer and humorist at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she isn't afraid to embarrass herself—and frequently does. She's Associate Editor at Scary Mommy, and a freelance writer, editor and graphic designer for sites like NickMom, Mommy Shorts, 22 Words and The Huffington Post. She loves sarcasm, wine, beer, other bottled items, long walks on the beach, and her husband. Oh, and her five kids are okay, too. Her goals include becoming independently wealthy, followed by world domination and getting her children to clean their rooms. Until then, she'll just fold laundry and write about the shortcuts she takes on her journey to becoming a somewhat passable wife, mother, and human being; if history is any guide, she'll miss the mark entirely. You can find her avoiding responsibility on FacebookTwitter,Instagram and Pinterest.