7 Reasons to Stop Reading What You Should Stop Wearing

You know what drives me nuts?

Cowboy butts.

Kidding. (maybe)

What drives me crazy are articles that tell us, the dear readers, what we should stop wearing NOW or we will be in jeopardy of being (gasp!) unfashionable. 

"Stop wearing rompers. Unless you are a child."
"Stop wearing cargo shorts. Unless you are fishing."
"Stop wearing golf shirts. Unless you are golfing."
"Stop wearing swimsuits. Unless you are swimming."
"No more low-waisted pants. We don't want to see you pulling them up every time you sit down."
"No more high-waisted pants. We don't want to see that much denim."
"No more no-waisted pants."
"No more pants!"

You know what we should do with these articles and list (besides stop reading them)? Write better lists that tell you why you should ignore said lists. I am sure that you have reasons why we should stop reading these lists. Write them in a list and post them. DO IT. (I'm bossy, yo)

Here are my 7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Reading What You Should Stop Wearing

1. You are a grown up.

You have access to a computer or smart phone and enough education to read such an article. Don't let some intern somewhere tell you what's acceptable for you to put on your own body.

2. You don't need to spend your money.

Fast fashion is a huge global problem, and these articles and lists are fueled by a new fashion society that comes out with new "must haves" every single week of the year. Don't spend your money on things you don't love. 

3. You know what looks best on you.

I wear tight knit skirts and tees 75% of the time. Because I have learned that those look best on my body. I can't wear a lot of high-neck options, I don't look good in low-waisted jeans, I hate most shorts, flowy skirts hate me. I know this because I have tried them ON MY BODY and I don't care if someone says that tight knit skirts are over. They aren't over for me. And when they are, I'll make that decision.

4.  Fashion cycles.

I had FOUR pairs of Doc Martens in high school (well, now you know how old I am--90s forever!) and they were amazing. But once I went to college, I decided that Doc Martens were out of fashion and I (deep breaths) gave them to the thrift store. Now I am not saying that I would have worn them for the last twenty years or that we should hold onto everything, but I am saying that I WISH I HAD THEM NOW. Vintage Docs, are you kidding me? 

5. Comfort trumps fashion.

I am being dramatic, of course, but if I read ONE more article or Facebook post that says you shouldn't wear leggings, I am going to take my comfy legging-engulfed legs and kick those bad boys all over this city. High kick, high kick. Tight pants, anyone?

6. You're a decent, understanding human being.

Well, most of the time. You wear Uggs? Cool, so does my mom. I don't. WHO CARES? My mom owns (no lie) about twenty pairs of Uggs. She even wears them to church when it snows so she doesn't slip in the parking lot. When a new pair of Uggs comes out, she giddily tries them on in every color. She loves Uggs. All I can think of is the loud noise that those boots (and their copycats) make. But it doesn't bother me that my mom loves them. So, get over the fashion choices you don't like and pray that most people are as kind towards your fashion choices as you are to theirs. 

7. We don't need more noise.

Ok, the irony does not escape me that I am writing more noise. But this fashion list nonsense comes out every season, every month, week, day, hour, whatever. Right after you saved up enough money to buy that peplum dress to wear to your Homecoming dance, you can read an article that says "Stop wearing peplum!" And those of you who don't even know what peplum is are wondering if you are also behind the fashion curve. Probably. Oh well. Block out this noise.

You can make your own fashion choices. You don't need someone's list. I believe in you! Go forward and do your fashion thang.


15 Reasons Kids are the Worst

Originally posted on babycenter.com in April, 2015
written by Anna Macfarlane, kidsaretheworst.NET

15 Reasons Kids are the Worst

If you have children, you know that your love for them runs crazy deep; so deep that you could dig a tunnel to the other side of the planet and you still wouldn’t have dug as deep as your love.

Sometimes, though, those same kids can drive you to the point of madness where you want to scream, “Kids are the worst!” at the top of your lungs. But, you’re not alone and that is why you need the Instagram account @KidsAreTheWorst. You don’t need to shout or scream or even cry. These 15 kids below have done things so hilariously rotten that we all can laugh together and then look at our own children and say, “Eh, you’re not so bad today. We can do this!”

Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #1

They want to take that bath…. as soon as you get them dressed in their Sunday best.


Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #2

They use their imaginative play to make mountains out of the laundry you just cleaned, folded, and put away.


Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #3

Nothing impresses them. Not even what was once your favorite day of the entire school year.


Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #4

HDTV is too realistic for them, so they put a filter on it.


Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #5

Sometimes they take personal style matters into their own hands. (Anyone else think this girl was hoping to be like Rapunzel and see her hair turn brown?)


Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #6


They are either professional tasters or professional wasters. Jury is still out.


Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #7


They amaze you with their uncanny ability to make a mess in seconds. Holy Sheets!


Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #8

You never get to sleep in anymore. And your alarm clock stinks.


Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #9

They booby trap your bathroom and find reasons not to brush their teeth. All in one gesture.

Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #10

Their skin is softer than yours. Also, where did all of your petroleum jelly go?

Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #11

They throw fits in the worst possible aisle of the store. Don’t they realize that anyone in this section is already a bit upset? Maybe they sense it.

Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #12


They remind you of that woman you used to work with that was always anxious about deadlines. Oh yeah, and they make messes of your best lipstick!


Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #13


There is no secret hiding spot for you. They will always find you.

Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #14

Gifts are always interesting from your kids. Often honest and sometimes sweet, some kids are lucky that they aren’t old enough to spell yet, or you might get a little offended.

Why Kids Are the Worst, Reason #15

They need lots of bandages for their pretend owies. Seriously, they can’t even.


Dear Children,

Laughing with you is so much more fun than crying. Someday you will understand when your kids throw the same tantrums, make similar messes and unintentionally offend that stranger in the grocery store, too, and we will be their grandparents that know how to laugh at it all. Hopefully you will laugh at your kids, too. Because, kids are the worst. Once in a while.

Your Parents