Sure, she has everything but you need that perfect gift for your Mom!

Camille here, Anna’s assistant! Do you feel like your Mom is the hardest to buy for? It seems they already have everything you could ever want but you still want to find that perfect gift they will love. I have searched high and low and found a few gifts that I think your Mom or Yourself would love this Christmas! This may contain affiliate links.

Lets hear it for the girls... Your sister, friend, co-worker, neighbor, cousin, wife, mom, or yourself!

Camille here, Anna’s Assistant. Lets be honest, this is my wishlist but If you are looking for a gift for your sister, friend, co-worker, neighbor, cousin, wife, mom, or yourself, look no further! Christmas morning heaven right here. This post may contain affiliate links.

First up, the BEST Tennies out there! They are a great running shoe and the perfect everyday shoe too! Cannot go wrong with the Classic Black and White Combo.

Second, this has been on my list for years! The Jo Malone Perfume Sampler. Jo Malone is the crème de la crème of perfume and has SO many different scents its so hard to choose. This takes all the guessing out of it! Plus, they are designed to layer to create your perfect scent, so with the sampler, you can try out several different combos before you commit!

You can never ever go wrong with a great sweatshirt.

I wear thee Ugg ones every SINGLE DAY! They are fantastic and cozy. The chestnut is my favorite.

and now they are cozy in their new sweatshirt and slippers, they need a new book to dive into!

Hydro Flasks are as big as ever and several colors to choose from for that perfect gift.

New Sunnies!

Sorel Boots. Done. These need to be in every snow lovers closet!

The best Portable Charger EVER. This charger has over 13K reviews at 4.5 STARS! Santa…I need this in my stocking!

Do you know you can have your house smell like Anthro?? Greatest smell on earth. Volcano is life.

Cute, small, Tortoise Earrings that make a big statement.

And lastly, I don’t think my list could be complete without this years top shoe! A fresh pair of Vans will never be under appreciated!

Baby list, do doo, do doo, do do

Camille here, Anna’s Assistant. I have compiled a few of my favorite baby toys and new Mama and Dad gifts! Hope you find something perfect for your little one! This list may contain affiliate links.

New bath toys are the best!

And a Caddy for the said bath toys and cozy towels!

We have the cutest videos of our Daughter trying out her walker for the first time. This will always be a great go to baby gift!

More of a Mom to be gift but these Heart and Oxygen Monitors are genius.

Never met a baby that doesn’t love Sophie the Giraffe.

Let them hit the things you want them to! Classic Pound and Tap toy.

What kid doesn’t want their own personal roller coaster. They look pretty fun!

Rattles are never ever going to go out of style!

I may have just added this one to relive my own childhood playing the Chatter Phone.

This Cookie Monster was dubbed the FAVORITE from my son’s first birthday! It eats cookies, talks, and it just dang cute.

Anything with the word busy, I’m sold. Busy Gears.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom will there be enough room? A told B and B told C…Ok you get it, this one is so good I know the whole thing by heart or this modern First Year book!

Jelly Cat stuffed animals are the softest things ever. Just trust me, these are the only stuffed animals you want hanging around.

Am I Mother Gothel?

Spoiler Alert: In the movie Tangled, Rapunzel's "mother" is actually not her real mother. She is a witch. I am so sorry to have told you anything that you didn't already know. Mother Gothel is a sarcastic, needy witch who keeps Rapunzel locked up in her tower, safe from all of the evil of the world (except from the evil of her "mother").


Every single time that movie has been played at our home (which I would say is more than a dozen, but less than a thousand), I have laughed at Mother Gothel. She is so funny and oddly likable. But horrible, of course. And yet understandable, in some ways. But evil, too. Super manipulative and controlling... but did I mention she is funny?

See here:

When she pulled that line while looking in the mirror, I legit laughed out loud. I know that's the point. But her song about "Mother Knows Best" is also pretty much my theme song. "Sure, go ahead and don't listen to me, but don't be surprised when YOU are wrong and I am right!" haha. ha. ha?

My favorite line of Mother Gothel's, which I feel I must have said to my kids before is, "I'm just teasing; you're adorable; I love you, darling."

I am a sarcastic mother (don't gasp. you've read my captions!). I have been known to tease my kids when they are being dramatic. And when my teasing goes too far, I quickly add, "I'm just kidding; I love you; you're my favorite!" 

I do not, on the other hand, brush my children's hair. So there is that part which makes me less like Mother Gothel. I don't brush their hair for power nor for less tangles. I mean, I've done it on occasion, but with three boys and a teenage daughter, there's not a lot of hair brushing sessions happening at our house. I also don't lock them in their rooms nor do I make them stay inside... always. I'm pretty much the opposite of a helicopter parent, even when it negatively affects my kids. Oh well, right?

While I know I am not a witch (don't tell my kids), I find it interesting that even without taking an online quiz, I can ascertain that the Disney character I am most like IS a witch. A sarcastic, all-knowing, mildly protective, fast-talking witch. And I am mostly okay with that. Halloween costume, perhaps.

How about you? This isn't a quiz, I am so sorry (no I am not), but which movie or story character are you most like as a parent?